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From: Maria Therese Sanna
Subject: installation
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:35:17 +0200

Possibly the most stupid question ever but:

I am running on  XP, and developing on Oracle9iAS and Bussiness Components For Java.
My challenge is now to test out different version control systems for our organization.

How do I install the server elements? I have installed the client WinCVS, but I can't sort out the files on (download) Of course using the winCVS gives me the message "No protocols available", understandable.

Can I install anything from ? I don't even recognize the file extensions... Probably because I don't know anything about Linux..

Anyone have any tip to a cvs novise?

Maria Therese Sanna

Axia AS
Statsminister Torpsvei 30
N - 1703 Sarpsborg

Tlf:     +4769128500      
Mobil: +4797189290

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