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Re: CVS over SSH on different port

From: Gaurav Vaish
Subject: Re: CVS over SSH on different port
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 17:28:49 +0530

>              The host is the external firewall and
>              allows me to establish port forwarding to internal hosts
>              via an SSH connection.

   No. It does not allow right now. But I want it do so. But it also
has sshd running on itself, listening on 22 and I don't want to shut
it down.

>  Problem:    How do I configure things with my CVSROOT and SSH
>              configuration to allow me to checkout and commit to
>     from that must
>              go thru an SSH tunnel on the in order
>              to get to the host.

   Well, I can get to it if I had only this as the problem. Since the
firewall is under my control, I can enable portforwarding (Linux,
iptables -- not an issue).

   The problem:

   -> already has a sshd running on 22.
       I cannot use 22 for forwarding, since sshd is listening.
       I cannot use another port, because "ext protocol" does not
allow me to use any port other than 22.

   export address@hidden:/cvs/root/path

cannot be changed to

    export address@hidden:111111:/cvs/root/path

Gaurav Vaish

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