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Fuzziness on cvs import & empty directories

From: Jan Stap
Subject: Fuzziness on cvs import & empty directories
Date: 27 Oct 2004 08:02:40 -0700

Hello people,

I'm trying to figure out how to import a set of empty directories into
a CVS project. I must say I use a rather old CVS version on the client
side (1.11.1p1, Debian Woody current); on the server side it is either
also 1.11.1p1 (local repository) or 1.11.5-FreeBSD (remote one, on a
FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE system).

If I do a "cvs -f import ..." towards the local repo, the empty
directories are imported just fine; towards the remote one, they are
skipped. I don't find any CVS admin file settings on this topic, and
no release note remarks on any behavior change in this respect 1.11.1
-> 1.11.5, so I'm puzzled. The CVS manual web page at

(also said to be valid for 1.11.5 at that spot) clearly presents
importing an empty directory set as an easy way of starting a project,
so that suggests this should work. Of course I can just do a "cvs add"
for each directory, but I'm the kind that wants to know why things
happen :-). Please post any answers back to this newsgroup. Help is
greatly appreciated!


Jan Stap
The Netherlands

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