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Re: import and checkout to same directory

From: Stefan Schneider
Subject: Re: import and checkout to same directory
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:44:23 +0200
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

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Stefan Schneider <address@hidden> writes:

is it possible to make something like

$ cvs import -I <lotoffiles> PRO1 vendor release

No. The -I switch takes a single argument and is intended to be a file
glob like "*.o"

Hi Mark,

thank you for your answer. In fact I have made something like
$ cvs import -I "*.log" -I "*.txt" -I "*.exe" ...

I only wanted to demonstrate, that I only put some files under version control. But you are totally right.

$ cd ..
$ cvs co -d PROJECT PRO1
cvs checkout: existing repository /cygdrive/f/PROJECT does not match
cvs checkout: ignoring module PRO1

You would do better to create a copy of the PROJECT directory, prune all
of the files and directories you do not wish to import and import the

That would be another way, nice hint. Thanks.

But the problem I have starts with the checkout. I am not able to check out into the directory where I have imported from. When I import from F:\PROJECT I am not able to checkout to F:\PROJECT. But this is important because the cvs files are in a directory called F:\PROJECT\CYGWIN\USR\BIN so when I rename the PROJECT directory before checking out, I rename also the pathnames where my bash (F:\PROJECT\CYGWIN\BIN\BASH.EXE) and my CVS (F:\PROJECT\CYGWIN\USR\BIN\CVS.EXE) are :-(

So at the moment where I am renaming the paths, my bash and my cvs are gone because of invalid $PATH variables :-(

You can compare this situation as if you were trying to make a module from C:\ (or /) including some subdirectories. How to checkout this module without moving your operating system directories? I am in the bad situation that my "operating system" (cygwin) is a subdir of the directory I want to use with CVS.

The only workaround I know is to make several modules which affect eg. F:\PROJECT\FOO, F:\PROJECT\BAR, ... These directories can be renamed between import and checkout because they do not affect F:\PROJECT\CYGWIN but I hope to find a way to check out into an existing directory so that I can handle the sources in one single module.


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