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Re: Need shell script to check out

From: Spiro Trikaliotis
Subject: Re: Need shell script to check out
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 09:34:43 +0100
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* On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 01:53:36PM +0530 Antony Paul wrote:

> I need different versions for each file. There are no tags.

Congratulation for this task. (Just kidding)

I would suggest not to check the files out this way, but to tag them,
one by one, with a unique, but the same tag TAG. This way, you could use
the same set of files laters, just specifying a cvs co -r TAG.

Do you think you will not need this again in the future? Well, it seems
you (or someone else) thought this way in the first place, too. Now, you
see how true this assumption was (or not).

> The problem is I need to retype the password for each file. I want the
> script to manage the typing of password.

You do not tell us which kind of access method you are using. If you're
using ssh, then you might want to look at ssh-agent and ssh-add, which
does exactly what you want to achieve.


Spiro R. Trikaliotis

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