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Can't synchronize between WSAD and CVSNT correctly

From: John
Subject: Can't synchronize between WSAD and CVSNT correctly
Date: 2 Nov 2004 13:50:45 -0800

I have the following problem: 

We have HTML templates that we have to develop and in another project
we use WSAD for portlets development. So I thought I could put the
HTMLs under version Control to CVSNT and use WSAD as CVS client.

These templates are on a test-environment on an AS/400, we develop
directly there, and we see immediately the result of the changes (I
know, it's not a good practice to develope onthe server, but at the
moment it is so.)

- The tHTML tremplates are on a test-environment on the AS/400
- The CVSNT Server is on a Windows XP Server. 
- WSAD is on a Windows XP Workstation. Now the idea: 

I made a "linking import" in WSAD to these templates of the AS/400, so
now I see the HTMLs that resides on the AS/400 in my CVS client in
WSAD (Note: The files resides not on my local workspace C:\). Then I
shared the project containing these HTMLs on the CVSNT Server. The
idea is that when I work on a file, and click on "save", the file is
saved directly on the AS400 and I can see immediately the change the
effect in the browser. What I expected however is that when I
synchronize the folder containing the HTML templates, the CVSNT should
show me the differences, and the I should be able to commit or merge
the files in the CVSNT repository. Instead however, I get the message
that the Workspace on the AS400 is identical with the repository of
the CVS Server. So I cannot see any version history and I con't load
an older version from the CVS repository. The files on the AS400
corresponds always to the files on the CVS repository and this happens
without making a commit, but simply making a "Save".

Do I make something wrong or is it however possible to realize my
idea? In practice I don't want to have a local workspace on my C:\ ,
instead I want to use the server on the AS400 as "locale workspace".

Any suggestion to this procedure/idea? 

Thanks for your answers.


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