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cvs-1.12.9 pserver memory exhausted error

From: Joel Peshkin
Subject: cvs-1.12.9 pserver memory exhausted error
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 14:13:04 -0800
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I have a cvs 1.11.6 pserver in production on a solaris 2.7 machine.

I am trying to migrate to a version that supports PAM, so I built 1.12.9 with the emable-pam option (also applied a port of the aclcvs patch from, but I doubt this is related).

In general, it works well, but certain remote users get a fatal "[commit aborted]: memory exhausted" error when committing an ordinary file. One user encountered this, retried, and succeeded. A second user tried this (committing to a branch of a file that exists in the Attic) and encounters the problem repeatably.

I have reverted to 1.11.6 for now. Does this have a familer ring to anyone? Any debug suggestions?

-Joel Peshkin

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