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loginfo scripts

From: Stuart Stevens
Subject: loginfo scripts
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 19:39:12 -0800

I have a CVS server on Linux and I am setting up some scripts to perform
various logging activities.  I looked at "log" , "log_accum" and "cvslog"
from Russ Allberry.  I have fixed cvslog to support spaces in file names and
I rewrote log to work correctly.  But I want more functionality.  

Are there more advanced loginfo scripts written in Perl?

Is there any interest in a more powerful "cvslog" which would support the
features below?

I want the following features:
- logs to a file or STDOUT
- Debugging to STDERR
- File diffs
- diffstat
- CVS status
- Email using a direct SMTP
- Support for cvsweb
- update GNATs
- email back to user

I have the following needs:
1) Update our GNATS system
2) Send users a diff of their checkin
3) Send a few users, summaries of the checkins for a portion of the
4) Log checkin activity


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