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global CVSROOT setting

From: Andreas
Subject: global CVSROOT setting
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 06:10:44 +0100

In WinCVS 1.2, I had Admin -> Preferences -> General Tab to setup a global
default CVSROOT that would apply to all commands. When starting up, it would
CVSROOT: d:\cvsroot (local mounted directory)

and everything working happily thereafter.

Now I have Beta 20 Build 2 where this General Tab is missing. OK, I
can put CVSROOT on most commands, but there are some (e.g. Release) that do
not have a dialog box and therefore plainly do not work.

So I tried setting CVSROOT in the Win XP Environment which improved the
situation a little but still doesnt help with the release problem (now
selecting a checked out directory and applying Release by menu on it returns
0 but still doesnt do any work.

I managed to work around via Admin -> Commandline box setting the "apply to"
directory to the parent of the directory of the release target and also
specifying CVSROOT, but this cant be the solution can it?

Any ideas?

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