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Size problem

From: Hridyesh Pant
Subject: Size problem
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:22:15 +0530

We are facing following problems
1.      In our wrapper file we have mentioned * this type of file
always checked in as a binary .but when we check-in xyz.mcp.xml(which should
not be checked in binary) ,cvs treat this file also as a binary. Is there
any way so that we can checkin xyz.mcp.xml file as a text file?
2.      we are facing a size problem of  binary files.The actual size of
binary files are in MB (when we checkout) ,while in cvsserver the size of
same files become in GB due to lot of revision. In each revision size of
binary file become multiple of 2. Due to this problem synchronization taking
too much time.Is there any workaround for this problem?

Thanks in advance..

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