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RE: Merging contents of two repositories into a single one.

From: Guus Leeuw jr.
Subject: RE: Merging contents of two repositories into a single one.
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:47:01 +0100

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> Sent: jeudi 11 novembre 2004 01:42
> Historically I have two CVS repositories located on the same CVS server.
> /opt/cvs/cvs1
> /opt/cvs/cvs2
> Each location has a number of independent projects.
> Is is possible to merge the two CVS locations into one without loosing
> history information?

Are they truly independent? Easy. Make sure everybody has his stuff checked
in. Make a backup. Copy cvs1 to cvs2. Change (x)inetd if you run pserver.
Send advertisement about the new $CVSROOT to whom is concerned. Have them
check out a new sandbox.

If they are not truly independent (ie both repo's have a module with the
same name) you might want to check which repo is the better... and then do
the copy stuff.


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