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Problem with importing third-party sources and adding/committing changes

From: Allen Sturtevant
Subject: Problem with importing third-party sources and adding/committing changes
Date: 11 Nov 2004 15:48:14 -0800

I'm new to CVS, using 1.12.9, trying to manage
third party sources.  I could not find an answer
to my question in the News Group archives or in
the CVS manual.

     Here's what I'm doing.  First I import my third
party software into CVS:

% cvs import -ko -m "foobar v1.11.17" pub/foobar-1 foobar-1 foobar-1_11_17

     Later I import a newer version of this software:

% cvs import -ko -m "foobar v1.12.9" pub/foobar-1 foobar-1 foobar-1_12_9

     This results in the following revision and branch
tags as reported by "cvs status -v":

   Existing Tags:
        foobar-1_12_9                   (revision:
        foobar-1_11_17                  (revision:
        foobar-1                        (branch: 1.1.1) 

     I later need to fix a bug in foobar-1_11_17, so I
check it out to modify it specifically:

cvs checkout -r foobar-1_11_17 pub/foobar-1

     This results in the following "Sticky Tag" on all
files in my working copy, again as reported by
"cvs status -v":

   Sticky Tag:          foobar-1_11_17 (revision:

     Now I add a new file called new.c and modify a file
called build.c, but when I try to add or commit my
changes back to CVS, I get the following errors:

% cvs add new.c
cvs add: cannot add file on non-branch tag `foobar-1_11_17'
% cvs commit -m "fixed a bug" build.c
cvs commit: sticky tag `foobar-1_11_17' for file `build.c' is not a branch
cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

     If I try to remove the "Sticky Tag" by using
"cvs update -A" it brings my working copy up to
something close foobar-1_12_9 -- not good.

     If I try "cvs update -j foobar-1_11_17" it appears
to have no effect at all.

     Using "cvs tag foobar-1_11_17_patches" or
"cvs tag -b foobar-1_11_17_patches" doesn't appear to work
either.  File new.c is still cannot be added to CVS.

     There is obviously something simple I'm overlooking,
but I'm stumped.

     Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help,  :-}


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