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Re: Pvcs2Rcs Script capability Question

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Pvcs2Rcs Script capability Question
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:48:39 -0500
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Please don't email me directly with CVS support questions unless you
are CC'ing the email list via a thread I've already entered
voluntarily.  Normally that will get you my stock form letter
suggesting that you purchase CVS support from Ximbiot if you want to
be sure someone will be able to answer your CVS questions on a regular
basis.  I manage to stay busy enough and don't normally have much
patience for people who think they are more likely to get a response
by mailing one of the CVS developers directly than by using the
mailing list or searching the mail archives.  I'm making an exception
in this case only because I did enter this thread recently and I am
adding info-cvs to the CC list for the benefit of the email archives
and therefore posterity.

The first time I used the pvcs2rcs script, when I added capabilities
to convert branches and fixed several other bugs, I was running it on
Windows via MKS's UNIX toolkit and using ActiveState's port of Perl to
Windows, though that was many years ago and I expect the free Cygwin
UNIX tools for Windows and its Perl would work as well now.

You should be able to run the script on any system where you have
Perl, PVCS, & RCS command line tools, regardless.

Please read the extensive comments in the header of the
contrib/pvcs2rcs(.in) file for more information on using the pvcs2rcs
script.  Much of this information was already in there.

Cheers and thank you in advance for respecting my time and privacy in
the future,


Paras jain wrote:

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> Hi Derek,
>   One Small Question? Can I convert the PVCS archives 6.8 on Windows
> 2000 to CVS archives in Linux from the script?
> Because Script is on LINUX box and How I give it the windows archives ?
> Thanks in advance        
> Pars


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