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Re: Problem with importing third-party sources and adding/committing cha

From: Allen Sturtevant
Subject: Re: Problem with importing third-party sources and adding/committing changes
Date: 12 Nov 2004 15:36:39 -0800

address@hidden (Pierre Asselin) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> ...
> > % cvs add new.c
> > cvs add: cannot add file on non-branch tag `foobar-1_11_17'
> > % 
> > % cvs commit -m "fixed a bug" build.c
> > cvs commit: sticky tag `foobar-1_11_17' for file `build.c' is not a branch
> > cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!
> ... until you create a branch to hold your bug fix.  Without
> doing a 'cvs update -A', do this:
>     cvs tag -b foobar-1_11_17_bufgix
>     cvs update -r foobar-1_11_17_bugfix
> Check the sticky tags again, you'll notice a change.
>     cvs commit

     Thank you -- that did the trick!  :-)  I only
had to insert a "cvs add new.c" just prior to the
commit and it worked perfectly!  :-)

> If you want to propagate the change to the trunk, tag it
> then return to the trunk then merge.
>     cvs tag TEMP
>     cvs update -A
>     cvs update -j foobar-1_11_17 -j TEMP
> (resolve any conflicts and test)
>     cvs commit
>     cvs tag -F -r TEMP foobar-1_11_17_MERGED

     Thank you for this additional info.  I wanted
to do something similar to this, but I'm just
now realizing that maybe CVS doesn't work the way
I had hoped.  I want to "live" in the branches,
not in the trunk.

     In my example above I have two versions of
the same third party product CVS import'ed as
"foobar-1_11_17" and "foobar-1_12_9".  Plus now I
also have a new branch called "foobar-1_11_17_bugfix".
So far, so good.

     Later I realize that I need to apply the
identical fixes to "foobar-1_12_9" -- but I only
want _my_ changes applied, _not_ all of the
differences between the two vendor product releases.

     Can CVS do this for me, or am I taking a wrong

Again, THANK YOU for your help!  :-)


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