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New lstag

From: Erik Cumps
Subject: New lstag
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:39:53 +0100


I have created a new version of lstag and offer it hereby in attachment.

This version now allows listing of 'remote' modules. That is to say, you
are no longer required to run lstag from within a checked out copy of the

Usage #1, from within a sandbox:

$ lstag -l                      to list all known tags
$ lstag this_is_a_tag   to list all files that are tagged with this tag

Usage #2, when not in a sandbox:

$ lstag [-d cvsroot] -l module
$ lstag [-d cvsroot] this_is_a_tag module

If -d cvsroot is not specified the script will look in the CVSROOT
environment variable. {Unless you are in a sandbox in which case the
script will take its info from the CVS/ admin files)

Of course the usage and output are backwards compatible, and this
new lstag is a drop-in replacement for the old.

Of course there is a difference in the file listing output when run
from within a sandbox compared to when run outside. In the latter case
lastag will not be able to present the file status for each file because
there is no sandbox. Instead it claims the status is 'On-Server'.

I believe this new version accomodates one of the main disadvantages of
lstag which was that it always needed a sandbox to work.

As usual the code is tested but I am sure there are still bugs and missing
features and whatnot... but lstag is still GPL so feel free to do with it 
you please.

I hope some of you may find it useful.

Erik Cumps

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