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Re: Ignoring whitespace and CR/LF when checking into repository

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Ignoring whitespace and CR/LF when checking into repository
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 06:59:13 -0800

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Antony Paul <address@hidden> writes:

> These make me ask more questions. 
> What is the default line ending character for ASCII files store in a
> repository ?.

Files in the repository are in RCS format and are able to store both
ASCII and binary verions of files... you should probably consider these
files to be 'binary' rather than ASCII files if you are moving them
around between systems.

> Is this varies from OS to OS ?.


On UNIX boxes, a "text file" ends with a line-feed (LF == 0x0a)
character. This includes the MacOS X operating system.

On DOS boxes, a "text file" ends with two carriage-return (CR == 0x0d)
control-j (0x0a).

On old Apple boxes, a "text file" ends with carriage-return (CR == 0x0d).

On EBCDIC boxes, a "text file" may have a number of different
representations, but many common file formats do not have a line ending
character and instead mantain per-line length records for the file.

A "binary file" is considered opaque and no translations are done.

On both UNIX and Windows, many tools are bright enough to maintain the
existing line-endings of a given file. However, this is not universally

If you want the rest of the possible endings used on other machines out
there, you would need to visit your favorite search engine to look for
the information.

> Does CVS client or server is supposed to perform the line ending
> character conversion when a ASCII file is committed ?

If the file is -kb, then no transformations are done and all files are
handled as if they had opaque contents.

If the file is otherwise, then line-ending tranformations are handled
between the client and server with the client telling the server about
line breaks.

> Now the root cause of my problem is that when checked in by windows
> developers using Eclipse it have CR/LF as line ending character and it
> is stored as it is. Now I want that all files must be stored in Unix
> format.

I am not sure about Eclipse on windows, I have heard that the Cygwin
environment has a preference setting to specify how the tools should
behave with regard to generation of CRLF or LF line endings.

        -- Mark
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