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Re: add hook question (was Re: Problem with importing third-partysources

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: add hook question (was Re: Problem with importing third-partysources and adding/committing changes)
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 14:17:48 -0500

<Me Too post>
Derek Robert Price wrote:
> Greg A. Woods wrote:
> > There is no trigger for "cvs rm" and there MUST _NOT_ be.
> >
> > There is no trigger for "cvs add" and there MUST _NOT_ be.
> I have to admit, there is a certain logic to drawing the line at
> triggers for repository changes, not workspace changes.  The user
> should have total control over their workspace and the server
> shouldn't be able to veto anything except changes to the repository.
I believe this is the crux of the argument, the user should be allowed to do
anything they want to in their sandbox, but when they want to change the
repository their changes have to conform to any of the requirements of the
repository manager has.  The transition from sandbox to repository occurs at
commit time, so that is when the repository can and should impose it's will.

Greg's proposal, the way I read it, would move `cvs add` into conformance with

<SNIP some very nice reasons for Greg's proposal>
> I also still would not object to the a `cvs add -C' "convenience" hook
> which requested that the client contact the server and validate the
> add.  Any team that valued this option significantly should find it
> fairly easy to enforce a policy of placing `add -C' in users' .cvsrc
> files.

I agree that this would be a nice _additional_ patch so the user could
validate early on that their information would go in, as it would only require
contacting the server in the case of sites where the users know the repository
admin has such rules in place, and commit would allow the ENFORCEMENT of those
rules. I suspect that a determined user could fake enough information into the
CVS/* files to get around the add, but it should be much more difficult to get
around commitinfo because all files at that point are under the cvs server's

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane) 
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