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Re: CVS for DOS?

From: jsWalter
Subject: Re: CVS for DOS?
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:04:48 -0600 (CST)
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Spiro mused:

>> Walter
>> Don't let the path definitions below throw you. This *is* on a Windows
>> box (XP and 2k3 server infact)
> Well, the OP (from me) clearly stated DOS. That is, MS-DOS x.yy. I do
> not understand what your posting has to do with this?

Sorry, I just replied to a message. Didn't reall pay attention to the

> But this is for Windows, not DOS. Furthermore, the CVS part - the thing
> I was asking about - is still missing.

It was late last night when I finished the write up on SSH.

The CVS part will be tonight.

(Below assumes "Walters Way" installation)

In short, go to

Grab the latest ZIP (1.12.9 - at the bottom of the page).

UnZIP the file and drop 'cvs.exe' in /bin

Add 2 ENV VARs...

  User ENV VAR
     HOME       u:/users/[yourname]

  System ENV VAR

Assuming you followed the SSH procedure, you now hace CVS with SSH on your
windows box.

[wait! before you tell me that is not what your asking for, read below].

> I should have stated it more clearly before: I have CVS and SSH set up -
> on my Windows machine, as well as an my Linux machine. In fact, I even
> compiled CVS on my own for both environments.  I do not need a solution
> for Windows. I need a solution for MS-DOS, but there seems not to be any.

Now! I have no idea if this will work on a DOS [only] box.

I'm hoping you'll be willing to experiment and tell us.

Good luck.


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