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merging from HEAD into another branch?

From: Jean-Christian Imbeault
Subject: merging from HEAD into another branch?
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 11:01:28 +0900
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Firstly please excuse the silly disclaimer at the end of my email.

I have tried posting to this group using Google groups but for some
reason the post don't seem to make it to the mailing list. If anyone can
let me know how to post to the mailing list using Google groups (or any
other public group/news server) I would be *very* grateful.

Now on to my question.

I have (by mistake) imported (or checked in, I'm not sure) some new
files/folders onto my main trunk (HEAD). I want to also have to new
files/folders on one of my branches (DEV) but can't seem to figure out
how to do this.

I have tried from a DEV sandbox:

$ cvs up -jHEAD path/to/missing/top/level/directory


$ cvs up -j1 path/to/missing/top/level/directory

But either do nothing.

I could try cvs import but I try and stay away from that command ...



PS again, please forgive the following disclaimer.

Note: This e-mail contains privileged and confidential information and is for 
the sole use of the intended recipient(s).  If you are not an intended 
recipient, you are hereby kindly requested to refrain from printing, copying, 
or distributing the information contained herein.  Furthermore, any other use 
of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited.  If you have 
received this transmission in error, please kindly notify the sender 
immediately and destroy all copies of the original message.

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