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Merge issues.

From: Tawfik, Sameh E
Subject: Merge issues.
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 18:32:07 -0800



About a month ago I tagged the main line with “Release_2_2_0 “ tag, and then from that tag I made a new branch “Release_2_2_0_Branch”.


Now, I’m trying to merge from the branch to the main line, but it seems either I’m using the wrong syntax to the update command or there is a bug in CVS?


I’m using this command:


            cvs update -kk -j Release_2_2_0  -j Release_2_2_0_Branch build.xml



U build.xml

RCS file: /home/cvsroot/EuroSource/build.xml,v

retrieving revision 1.7

retrieving revision

Merging differences between 1.7 and into build.xml

rcsmerge: warning: conflicts during merge


My questions are:


Q1. Are there any thing wrong with the above merge command? Or is there is any other command I should be using instead?


Q2. The latest version in the main line is 1.8, so why it’s not reporting merging between 1.7 and instead of 1.8 and


Q3. I recently modified “build.xml” file in the main line, and I was expecting CVS to report conflicts about all the lines that I changed, but instead after the above merge, CVS showed only one line of conflict, and did not show conflicts in the other modified lines? Why CVS did not report conflicts about all the modified lines between the branch line and the main line in build.xml file!




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