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Re: Merge issues.

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Merge issues.
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 01:22:40 -0500 (EST)

Tawfik, Sameh E writes:
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> Q1. Are there any thing wrong with the above merge command? Or is there
> is any other command I should be using instead?

Looks right to me.

> Q2. The latest version in the main line is 1.8, so why it's not
> reporting merging between 1.7 and instead of 1.8 and

You're misinterpreting the message.  It's finding the changes between
Release_2_2_0 (1.7) and Release_2_2_0_Branch ( and then merging
those changes into the current working directory revision (which is
presumably based on 1.8).

> Q3. I recently modified "build.xml" file in the main line, and I was
> expecting CVS to report conflicts about all the lines that I changed,
> but instead after the above merge, CVS showed only one line of conflict,
> and did not show conflicts in the other modified lines? Why CVS did not
> report conflicts about all the modified lines between the branch line
> and the main line in build.xml file!

Because those lines weren't changed on the branch.  You only get a
conflict if the same line is changed in both places; otherwise, CVS just
quietly merges the changes.

-Larry Jones

Well of course the zipper's going to get stuck if everyone
stands around WATCHING me! -- Calvin

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