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Issue with identifying scripts within a repository

From: Jeeva Sarma
Subject: Issue with identifying scripts within a repository
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:17:56 -0800 (PST)


I have a problem, pls see if anyone can give any
suggestions how to go about it.

We have a repository to store scripts which are run
against databases. When the developers check-in the
scripts, no one knows if that will go all the way to
prod. It has to pass qc, or may have some other
issues, so everything that is checked in may not go to
All approved scripts will run once in 2 months.So we
need a way to identify all these scripts from the
others in the repository.Pls note that the number of
these scripts is very high. 

One approach is to modify the log message each time a
script is approved, so we can query them and check out
only those that they need to run finally. The problem
with this is it may be too much work.

Another approach is to check in the approved scripts
into another repository or folder so we can easily
pull out those. This is obviously duplicating the

Can anyone suggest any other solution? Hope I was able
to accurately describe the issue.

Thanks .

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