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Importing then checking out?

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: Importing then checking out?
Date: 29 Nov 2004 15:04:58 -0600
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Now I'm confused.  My documentation gives the following example:

    $ cd wdiff-0.04
    $ cvs import -m "Import of FSF v. 0.04" fsf/wdiff FSF_DIST WDIFF_0_04

So, I'm trying to import sources for ecb-1.93.  I do the

  $ cd ecb-1.93
  $ cvs import -m "Import of FSF ECB v. 1.93" grersrepository/ecb FSF_DIST 

I get the following:

   No conflicts created by this import

Okay, now I try to commit this (I assume I need to commit?)

   cvs commit
   cvs1 commit: in directory .:
   cvs1 [commit aborted]: there is no version here; run 'cvs1 checkout' first

Okay, so I try to check this out:

   $ cd ../ecb
   $ cvs checkout ecb

And I get:

   cvs server: cannot find module `ecb' - ignored cvs1 [checkout aborted]:
   cannot expand modules


Our repository name is grersrepository.  What is the "/" for?  Is
ecb a module, or do I consider it a new repository?

What are the steps I need to follow to import and then checkout?


Galen Boyer

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