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From: Matthew Bradford
Subject: CVS on IIS?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:08:34 -0500
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I have been using CVS for projects based around Unix for years now, but now I am
faced with the project of making CVS work the same way VSS works with IIS
FrontPage extensions... namely, I need to set up authoring on that webserver
and somehow configure it to use CVS (on a different server) to get a bleeding
edge copy from whatever the user last saved in Visual Studio.

I have no idea if this CAN be done let alone how to go about it.  I have tried
many searches on Google (and even this mailing list) and haven't found
anything... surely I can't be the first person dumb enough to either try or not
know how out of the gate can I?  If I am then I am truly humbled. ;-)

Any help is much appreciated.
Matt Bradford

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