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From: jsWalter
Subject: RE: CVS on IIS?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:24:07 -0600 (CST)
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Matthew, if I may...

I have worked in many different, multi-developer environments, PC, Linux
and mixed.

What I've found works best (for me) is...

 - each developer has his/her own tree under IIS (I use Apache, but...)
 - each developer has their own "sandbox" there
 - they checkin-out code to this sandbox and test it via IIS and their
   personal path:
 - each morning each developer does an UPDATE to their sandbox to
   get yesterdays work from others
 - this gives each developer their own space to work in without stomping
    on any one else and without effecting production
 - at some point in development cycle, after things have been unit
   tested in their sandbox and checked back in, the admin/grand poo-ba
   does a UPDATE within:
 - now regressive testing is done to make sure what Walter did
   does not break what Carol did.
 - once approved, then admin UPDATES to production.

This gives you 3 separate spaces:
  - testing (by developer)
  - staging (common - only admin UPDATE)
  - production (only admin UPDATE)

The idea of a developer checking new code into production to "see how it
goes" scares me! Especially if you have multiple developers all doing
their own thing and checking things into production.

Or did I completely miss read this?

With this scenario, CVS can be used as it stands. Cross platform,

Hope this helped.


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