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Variable user ID on ssh connection possible?

From: Doug Lee
Subject: Variable user ID on ssh connection possible?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:54:56 -0500
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I have a remote-access issue here.  I have a site that has a CVS
checkout via ssh on one machine, but the actual developer that sits
there is not always the same person.  Each developer has a login at
the CVS host.  The CVS checkout is actually a live environment, which
makes it impractical to keep copies for each developer.  I want each
developer to be able to check out, update, commit, etc., based on
his/her account permissions at the server, but I'm having trouble
getting CVS to ask for a user ID when a CVS command is issued.  I'm
rather new to the ssh method of access though, so apologies if I
missed something obvious.

The approach in effect:

- CVSROOT is :ext:address@hidden:/path/to/cvsroot

- CVS_RSH is ssh (actually c:\cygwin\bin\ssh.exe)

- The cvs.exe in use is the stock CVSHome version (not Cygwin's),
  because we need DOS/Windows line endings here.

- cvs checkout works for user "id", but then user "id1" comes along
  and wants to update the sandbox.

I tried setting CVSROOT to just,
but then CVS took my local user name as the user name and wouldn't ask
me.  In fact, the local user name is the upper-case equivalent of the
CVS host's user name, but since the host is Unix, this isn't good

Suggestions welcome.

Doug Lee           address@hidden
Bartimaeus Group   address@hidden
"Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then...find
the way." - Abraham Lincoln

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