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Re: Importing then checking out?

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Importing then checking out?
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 02:15:37 +0000 (UTC)
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Galen Boyer <address@hidden> wrote:

>   $ cd ecb-1.93
>   $ cvs import -m "Import of FSF ECB v. 1.93" grersrepository/ecb FSF_DIST 
> ECB_1_93

> I get the following:

>    No conflicts created by this import

That's better.  So far, so good.

> Okay, now I try to commit this (I assume I need to commit?)

No.  Don't commit, you can't.

>    cvs commit
>    cvs1 commit: in directory .:
>    cvs1 [commit aborted]: there is no version here; run 'cvs1 checkout' first

See ?  There is nothing to commit.

> Okay, so I try to check this out:

>    $ cd ../ecb
>    $ cvs checkout ecb

    cvs checkout grersrepository/ecb

    cvs checkout -d ecb grersrepository/ecb

or finally,
    cd /some/where/else
    cvs checkout CVSROOT
    cd CVSROOT
    : edit the "modules" file and add a line,
    :    ecb   grersrepository/ecb
    : and save that.
    cvs commit

    cd /some/clean/directory
    cvs checkout ecb

> Our repository name is grersrepository.  What is the "/" for?  Is
> ecb a module, or do I consider it a new repository?

Ok.  Your repository is whatever your $CVSROOT environment variable
was when you ran "cvs init" on the server.  The subdirectories
under that are modules.  Actually, any subtree starting as deep
as you like can be a module, provided you set things up that way.

After the "cvs init", there is a single module, CVSROOT.
Not $CVSROOT, just CVSROOT;  yes, it's confusing.  That predefined
module contains the cvs administrative files.

After your import, there is a new module "grersrepository/ecb",
which you can check out by that name.  That's my suggestion (1)
above.  However, checking out in this way will give you a
sandbox buried one directory deeper than necessary.  To avoid
that, you can say "check out grersrepository/ecb, but put it
in a newly created local directory ecb".  That's my suggestion
(2) above.

Finally, if you put a definition in the "modules" administrative
file, you can have a module called just "ecb", that you can
check out as such, but that really begins at "grersrepository/ecb"
in your repository.  That's my suggestion (3).  So how do you
get to the "modules" administrative file ?  by checking out
a copy of it from the built-in CVSROOT module, adding your
definition of "ecb", and commiting the changes.

(The real fun begins when you download ecb-1.94 and you want
to do a second import.  Post again before you do that.

pa at panix dot com

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