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Can you prevent Removal of tagged files in cvs

From: Henrik Skovhus Poulsen
Subject: Can you prevent Removal of tagged files in cvs
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:09:41 +0100

I been searching the web to find a solution to the fact, that a user can
remove a file from cvs even if its tagged.

What were trying to do is the following:

We have a automated build system that will build and test a project.
If test and build is a success it will tag the files with a tag like

When a developer is to add more code to the project, he is to checkout
from the last success full build tag and work from there. Once he is
done, he will remove the sticky tag and cvs merge his chances with main

He will then solve conflicts and add it to cvs.

But here is the problem

If he checks out the code from build-tag-1-1 and modify a file, he is
not allowed to add it as it should be. Also he is not able to add new

BUT he is able to remove a file from the build-tag-1-1. This will result
in a build tag that is no longer stabile. We would really like to
prevent this from happening. Do you have an ider of how to do this ??

I know someone else already have raised this issue back in 2001
Havened figured out if a newer cvs version could solve this.
Were currently on version 1.11

TDC Kabel TV
Henrik Skovhus Poulsen
Strandlodsvej 30
0900 Copenhagen
P+ 45 32638129
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