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RE: cvs vs. clearcase?

From: Alastair Growcott
Subject: RE: cvs vs. clearcase?
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:33:00 -0000

I first met Clearcase in a solely Unix environment. With a couple of config files to set up views everything ran perfectly and seamlessly off the command line. It worked by using symbolic links for all unchanged files to the repository somehow (it was 6 years ago and I never really got into how it worked). If you changed a file you simply removed the symlink and copied the file into your working directory to edit it.
Since using Clearcase I have met a few different versions of version control systems, but Clearcase remains one of my favourites. We used it to have different branches for slightly different products. We set up views to pull common functionality from a single branch, and then all other code came from the relevant product branch if it differed from the core code but from the core code otherwise. You could set up wildcards int he branch specification. It was really cool.
Anyway, the argument that it does not integrate well with Unix is not valid. It may be a bit more tricky to set up, but it does work really well.

From: address@hidden on behalf of Mike
Sent: Mon 29/11/2004 13:25
To: address@hidden
Subject: cvs vs. clearcase?

I have a director asking why I don't want to user the company's
clear case server. One item I mentioned is the lack of integration
into unix tools and the lack of a unix client. Are these good/valid
reasons? What are other reasons?
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