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RE: Are there plans for a CVS C API?

From: Alastair Growcott
Subject: RE: Are there plans for a CVS C API?
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 16:07:58 -0000

At last.
I am working on the C version of something called libcvs. At the moment there is a partial skeleton as I am doing it as a sort of informal background task at work when things are REALLY slow, and I have been sent abroad for 4 weeks out of the last 5.
I could really use a hand.
I started getting into it for exactly the same reasons as you listed in your post. Please get in touch and I will start digging out references to mailing lists and the guy who started the libcvs project, and getting you access to the CVS repository, etc. etc.

From: address@hidden on behalf of Lane, Jim
Sent: Mon 06/12/2004 15:13
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: Are there plans for a CVS C API?

Are there any plans for a CVS C API?  Or, is there one available that I am
unaware of?

We have a lot of Perl scripts that call CVS and in some instances where
performance is a consideration, we would like to speed things up by linking
C programs to a CVS library and calling CVS via direct API calls.

Thanks -- JimLane

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