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CVS, RCS, System Files

From: Call, Wayne
Subject: CVS, RCS, System Files
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 14:56:01 -0700

Is it feasible to have both CVS and RCS on the same computer?  I would like to control the source code files for various projects using CVS, and control the system files, such as files in the /etc directory, using RCS.  I was kind of hoping to control the system files in CVS, but if critical files are missing in the /etc directory [placed into CVS repository], the computer will not operate very well.  The computer is backed up as an image onto CDs, and the images are archived.  This serves as a level of control configuration.  The CVS is used to archive the source code files, and the RCS [if it works with CVS] is used to archive the system files on a file per file basis.  Will the CVS work together with the RCS?

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