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Annotate of Log output wrong

From: Hugh Gibson
Subject: Annotate of Log output wrong
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 10:56 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

We're running CVS 1.11.17-1 (rpm).

Our files have the $Log$ keyword in them. 

The annotate output appears to be wrong for the output of the Log command. 
As far as I can tell, annotate is getting the header information for the 
version prior to the requested version. Strangely, the code after the 
header appears to be the latest version and is annotated correctly.

For example, here is the annotate output demonstrating the problem (I've 
edited it slightly to remove line breaks). The head revision is 1.33 and 
that is shown in the first column. However, the code against it is 
revision 1.32. Revision 1.31 is shown as being edited by achan whereas the 
Log comment is from zengke.

1.1   (zengke   29-Sep-04): # Written by: Zeng Ke
1.1   (zengke   29-Sep-04): #
1.1   (zengke   29-Sep-04): # $Log:,v $
1.33  (achan    07-Dec-04): # Revision 1.32  2004/12/07 09:02:26  achan
1.33  (achan    07-Dec-04): # fixed bugs
1.33  (achan    07-Dec-04): #
1.32  (achan    07-Dec-04): # Revision 1.31  2004/12/06 23:43:58  achan
1.32  (achan    07-Dec-04): # added dName in CFragmentType to ...
1.32  (achan    07-Dec-04): # deleted lFragmentTypeIDs, and ...
1.32  (achan    07-Dec-04): #
1.31  (achan    06-Dec-04): # Revision 1.30  2004/12/06 08:17:45  zengke
1.31  (achan    06-Dec-04): # Added attachment loading codes
1.31  (achan    06-Dec-04): #
1.30  (zengke   06-Dec-04): # Revision 1.29  2004/12/06 06:14:53  zengke
1.30  (zengke   06-Dec-04): # Avoid multiple Replacer
1.30  (zengke   06-Dec-04): #

As the code is correct this isn't such a problem for us (we analyse the 
checked in code for various metrics, using the annotate output). However, 
it should be logged to be fixed (I couldn't find a bug report about it).

Can anyone else confirm the bug?

Hugh Gibson
Abling Ltd.

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