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different projects but same source

From: Kai Lehmann
Subject: different projects but same source
Date: 7 Dec 2004 06:13:35 -0800

Hi there,

I have several projects in my CVS. each project has its own main dir
in CVS. Sometimes a project contains a subdir with source code for a
specific library. This source code and library I want to use in other
projects too. I can now copy the whole path with source to the other
project. But I have then two copies of the same which is not a nice
thing to handle with. The other possibility is to refer in the other
project to the first project. but this means a lot of traversing
through the directory structure (several ../../.. and going into the
first project dir). Also not very handy. And it is also no good if I
want to make a release and check out a whole project which refers to
the project with the lib, but this project is not checked out
automatically too.

In short:

the content of dir "project1/subdirs.../libsource" shall also be
checked out when i check out "project2". but it should be checked out
to the dir "project2/dubdirs.../libsource".

So my question: is there a way in CVS for having a dir in a project
which is in real somewhere else within the cvs repository? I tried a
bit with $CVSROOT/modules but didn't get something useful. Maybe I
used it wrong.

Any Idea? Pls mail me too, while answering to this question.


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