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Re: Any recommendations on best practices to help non-developers withCVS

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Any recommendations on best practices to help non-developers withCVS?
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:15:43 -0800

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Todd Denniston <address@hidden> writes:

> *Mark*, I did not see this listed in the release notice for 1.12.10, how
> goes the work?

I believe this is work that Derek has already committed to the feature
branch and that it is part of 1.12.10 ( I have not used it myself).

        -- Mark

src/ChangeLog has this:
2004-10-04  Derek Price  <address@hidden>

        * client.c (responses): Add "Edit-file".
        (handle_edit_file): New function.
        * commit.c (usage): Add -c option.
        (check_fileproc): Check for edit when requested.
        (commit_fileproc): Use new notify_do API.
        * edit.c (check_edited): New global.
        (setting_tedit, setting_tunedit, setting_tcommit): s/int/bool/.
        (ncheck_fileproc): Use new notify_do API.
        (send_notifications): Remove redundant proto.  Remove unnecessary
        repository lock.
        (editors_output, find_editors_and_output, edit_file): New functions.
        edit_file() factored from...
        (edit_fileproc):  Skip files with existing editors when
        (usage): Add -c and -f.
        (edit): Handle new -c and -f options.
        (notify_do): Accept update_dir as an argument for user messages.
        (editors_fileproc): Factor most content to find_editors_and_output()
        and edit_file().
        * edit.h (notify_do): Proto new API.
        (editors_output, edit_file): New functions.
        * rcs.c (RCS_unlock): Use new notify_do() API.
        * Update assorted tests to compensate for new output.
        (edit-check): New tests.
        * server.c (gupdate_dir): New global.
        (struct notify_note): Keep track of update_dir.
        (serve_notify): Use update_dir.
        (serve_hostname, serve_localdir, serve_edit, server_edit_file): New
        (server_notify): Use new notify_do() API.
        (requests): Add Hostname, LocalDir, and edit.
        * server.h (server_edit_file): New proto.
        (Note: Original design of new advisory lock behavior came from Noel Yap
        <address@hidden>'s original advisory locks patch, originally ported
        forward and enhanced by Matthew Ogilvie <address@hidden>.)

doc/ChangeLog has this:
2004-10-04  Derek Price  <address@hidden>

        * cvs.texinfo (assorted edit and commit related sections): Add
        information about new '-c' and '-f' options for reservations
        patch.  The code (not documentation) for this feature was
        originally from Noel Yap <address@hidden>, originally ported
        forward and enhanced by Matthew Ogilvie <address@hidden>.)
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