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Re: [QUAR]Re: CVS, RCS, System Files

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: [QUAR]Re: CVS, RCS, System Files
Date: 08 Dec 2004 23:14:11 +0800
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>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Asselin <address@hidden> writes:

    Pierre> Using RCS that way is a little like creating a private
    Pierre> branch in CVS, but more lightweight --and less organized.
    Pierre> I do that when I am making intricate changes, I want the
    Pierre> option to backtrack, and I don't want to commit broken
    Pierre> code to CVS.

Yeah,  you're right.   I've done  the same  thing before.   It's quite
handy to do  what you've described.  But you have to  be very sure you
know what you're  doing, and understand what CVS and  RCS each does to
their  repositories.    You  also  have   to  be  careful   about  RCS
(un)locking, which can be annoying.  Your usage example (snipped) does
shown that you meet these "qualifications".  :)

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