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timestamp corruption via branching using rtag ?

From: allan juul
Subject: timestamp corruption via branching using rtag ?
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 12:29:05 +0100
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we have run into a pretty strange problem. 

*some* of our files in a CVS module has suddenly gotten a timestamp in the year 

we have spent some time trying to find out how this happened. first we thought 
it was certain clients pc's but that's not the case, then we thought it was 
Visual Studio .NET or TortoiseCVS but it currently seems that it relates to 
branching. at least we can see that after a certain branch was made the 
timestamp was messed up on certain files.

i can not remember the excat command we gave to create this branch but pretty 
sure it was something like

$ cvs rtag -b -r HEAD rel-1-0-patches modulename

(it could have been "cvs rtag -b rel-1-0-patches modulename" from a working dir)

i have tried creating branches after we got aware of the problem but there 
timestamp are ok 

platform is windows 2003 for clients and cvs server.

1) has anyone seen this behaviour before ?
2) how do i commit the files with correct stamp. (i have touched all the files, 
changed stamps in entries and entries.extra and committed the files) but the 
2011 stamp always show up when i get a fresh copy from HEAD.

any ideas are more than welcome !

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