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Re: patch to gssapi server authentication to accept any server

From: Allen Sturtevant
Subject: Re: patch to gssapi server authentication to accept any server
Date: 9 Dec 2004 12:51:57 -0800
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Did this patch ever get included in the CVS distribution?

If so, I cannot find it.  :-)  How to I access this option?

If not, is it planned for inclusion?

I could use this to keep my CVS repository "portable".

Thank you,


Derek R. Price wrote:
> Assar Westerlund wrote:
> [... Kerberos explanations ...]
> > I hope this makes it clearer.
> Yeah, it does.  I want to get Kerberos set up here so I can do some
> before I check things in, but it should go in.  It'll probably be a
few weeks
> since I'm going to be on vacation next week.
> A few more questions for my personal edification, though:
> Is the "cvs" portion of the "cvs/address@hidden" that the server
verifies all that
> prevents the client from obtaining a ticket for, say,
> "telnet/address@hidden" and using that to accerss CVS?
> Is it possible for the Kerberos server to grant a ticket to the CVS
> (assumedly through the CVS server) for anything other than
> "cvs/<somehost>@EXAMPLE.COM"?  In what cases?
> Derek
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