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Re: cvs 1.12.10 still using rcs binaries?

From: Chris Bohn
Subject: Re: cvs 1.12.10 still using rcs binaries?
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:19:40 -0500
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Unfortunately I don't think I can't make your suggested change to using cvs -n log because we are running in pserver mode, so the unix server is actually running the loginfo script, and it won't have access to the local directory from the Windows client machine. I think we can work around it one way or another though. Thanks again.


cvs uses an internal version of the 'RCS' commands in all modern
releases. However, many folks used 'rlog' and friends in their
commitinfo and loginfo scripts. You may wish to do something like:

  cvs checkout CVSROOT
  grep rlog *

to try to find the culprit.

Given the error above, you will wish to pay special attention to
how your implementation of the CVSROOT/loginfo process works.

A reasonable replacement to using 'rlog' may be to use 'cvs -n log'
on the file in the local directory rather than on the full pathname
to the CVS repository + module pathname + filename.

        -- Mark

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