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Re: Updating revision number on a branch.

From: Alan Dayley
Subject: Re: Updating revision number on a branch.
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:13:51 -0700
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Heather wrote:

Okay, thanks for your quick repy!  We were aware that this was
basically a 'cosmetic' fix.  We print the CVS log entries in the header
of the files to easily see our changes, so we're seeing the 1.7.2.XXX,
etc and wanted to 'clean it up' a bit so it was easier to read.

It is not a 'cosmetic' fix. Revision numbers are used by CVS to keep track of branches, etc. You would be manipulating meta-data used by CVS to operate properly. Tread carefully!

Think of it as manually changing the index value on the records of a table in a relational database. (CVS is not a relational database, but work with me here.) Will the relational indexes work after the change? Will SQL statements work correctly if a range of records now has different index numbers? Are you ready to trust the database engine coders to handle this data change correctly?

Please look here for a brief discussion on the topic that helped me explain to my coworkers.

As Jim said, use tags, not revision numbers. Grief may result especially when dealing with branches!


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