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possibly bug using cvs release with multiple repositories

From: maronie
Subject: possibly bug using cvs release with multiple repositories
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 11:42:55 +0100


I ran into the following problem using cvs 1.11.18 (same with 1.11.5) locally 
as well as in pserver mode:

I have two repositories /cvs/repo1 and /cvs/repo2
with the directories

When I do
  cd ${HOME}/sandboxes
  cvs -d /cvs/repo1 co mymodule
  cd mymodule
  cvs -d /cvs/repo2 co -d doc mymodule/doc
everything works fine for the moment.
I can use cvs update/diff/commit/log/status without problems.

But when I try to use cvs release:
  cd ${HOME}/sandboxes
  cvs release -d mymodule
then I get the error messages:
  cvs update: cannot open directory /cvs/repo1/mymodule/doc: No such file or 
  cvs update: skipping directory doc
  You have [0] altered files in this repository.
  Are you sure you want to release (and delete) directory `mymodule': y
  cvs release: no such directory: mymodule

Of course there is no directory mymodule/doc in /cvs/repo1, it should be 
searched in /cvs/repo2.

But even much worse:
If I have modified some file in directory doc (say mymodule/doc/myfile.doc) the 
messages are identical (even "You have
[0] altered files in this repository." !!!). So cvs obviously doesn't recognize 
the modifications I made to myfile.doc
and my work is lost without warning.

Is this really a bug or did I miss something?

(BTW we chose to use a separate repository for the docs as we are unfortunately 
stuck to M$ Word documents for
historical reasons - and you all know about the problems with binary files in 



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