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Re: Questions about upgrading the server to the latest CVS version.

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Questions about upgrading the server to the latest CVS version.
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:31:27 -0800

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Limor Yaakov <address@hidden> writes:

Note: You sent this message multiple times to both
the bug-cvs and info-cvs lists.

You would do better to send a single message to
the info-cvs list and wait until folks get to
responding. If you don't get a response in a week
or so, then resubmit the message asking for help.

This is NOT a chat line, please don't abuse it.

>       My name is Limor Yaakov and I am the QA
>       Manager of Smart Link company. We are
>       using CVS as a configuration management
>       tools.
>       The configuration is as follow:
>       1. Server - CVS server version 1.11.1p1 is
>          installed on Linux server
>       2. Client - WinCVS version 1.2 (as the
>       adminstrator of this tool I use the latest
>       1.3 beta version).
>       As I am quite new to CVS, I have some
>       questions regarding upgrading the server
>       to the latest cvs version.
>       As I wrote above, we are using quite an
>       old cvs version 1.11.1p1 while the latest
>       one is version 1.1.18.
>       [1] Is there any implication or warnings
>       that I should be aware of when upgrading
>       from version 1.11.1p1 to 1.1.18 or is it a
>       smooth upgrading without any side effects
>       ?

It should be smooth. Read the NEWS file and don't
forget to use 'cvs init' to add any missing
administration files to your CVSROOT.

>       [2] Should I take precaution before
>       upgrading like creating a backup of the
>       repository ?

This is always a good idea even when you are not
doing an upgrade.

>       [3] Are there any operations that being
>       done on the repository during the upgrade
>       ?

Only the 'cvs' binary needs to be upgraded on the
machine. I would probably 'mv cvs cvs- && mv cvs' and then later when no cvs processes
are running remove the old 'cvs-' file, but if no
one is actively running a cvs command when you do
the update, you are safe just doing a standard
'install' of the new cvs version.

>       [4] What is the preferable version. Is it
>       the STABLE version or the FEATURE version
>       ?

I have in the past used FEATURE for my server and
STABLE for most of the clients at present, but I
am getting to believe that FEATURE is good enough
to put into production for both.

>       [5] Are you familiar with any Bug Tracking
>       application that can be easliy integrated
>       with CVS and is also feature-rich ?

I have seen both Bugzilla and GNATS integrations
with cvs. It is fairly easy to modify the example
commit_prep and log_accum scripts in conjunction
with a verifymsg script to deal with sending
e-mail to any bug tracking system that makes

>       I would really appreciate your help on
>       this issue.
> Best Regards,
> Limor.
> CVS Server is installed on
>       Linux Server and as a client we are using WinCVS

It is worth noting that CVSNT is used by default
in WinCVS and that there does exist a Linux port
of CVSNT if you wanted to make use of a consistent
vendor for cvs across all of your platforms.

However, the CVSNT client/server discussions do
not really happen very much in the
address@hidden list which has a primary focus of
the version of CVS.

        -- Mark
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