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Importing old repository remotely to new server?

From: James Day
Subject: Importing old repository remotely to new server?
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:20:26 -0700



I am not new to CVS, but am completely new to setting up a new non-pserver repository.


Right now we have a repository that is located on a university linux server (version 1.0.6?), and we have no access to the repository except via CVS.  What we would like to do is duplicate the existing repository on a new Linux box running a newer version of CVS.


Is there an easy way to have a client machine connect to the old server, query all of the information about versions, files, branches, etc. and then somehow automatically transmit that information to the new CVS server?  Since we can see most of this information doing simple command line queries, so it should, in theory, be possible.


Right now we are planning to just import the current version of the source into the new server, but I hate to lose all of that history if we don’t have to.


Thank you,

James Day

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