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Re: CVS Server $HOME (was Re: (no subject))

From: Gunnar Ahlberg
Subject: Re: CVS Server $HOME (was Re: (no subject))
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 22:49:02 +0100

Thank you Derek!

I am using SSH as the only connection method.
is the .ssh file per session? and what's in it? A copy of the public key? If $HOME is used for the .ssh file, wouldn't two simultaneous users be able to overwrite each others session if they shared the same $HOME?

It seems like huge projects with many committers such as the Eclipse or Mozilla projects would have a separate HOME dir per user to prevent the above scenario.

Any more thoughts on that?


2004-12-20 at 15.50 Derek Robert Price wrote:

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Gunnar Ahlberg wrote:

What is the $HOME used for on the server?
   I've been successfully using CVS for 3 years, and I love it! Now,
whe are
   getting more users (upto 100). Currently, each user has it's normal
   account on the server. However, to free up some space and redundant
   administration, I would like to set the users home dir to be a
common dir
   on the server and not have a seperate user home dir for each user.
   Will this work? What is the $HOME used for?


Assuming you've set up :ext:/SSH access to your CVS server and
private/public keys are available as an access method, the SSH keys
are probably stored in $HOME/.ssh.  Other than that, $HOME shouldn't
be used for much on the server, provided that the only command that
ever gets executed there is `cvs server'.  In that case, it should be
safe to share the home dir as you described if you can keep the shared
authorized_keys file updated as needed.

If you are using the :pserver: access method, $HOME should not be used
at all on the server end.



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