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CVS/CVSNT Hangs When Checking Out Files

From: Andy Shepard
Subject: CVS/CVSNT Hangs When Checking Out Files
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 14:58:47 -0800



Having problem checking out all files that are in a CVS repository, some files are checked out and then the checkout process appears to hang:



  Repository on Linux (RedHat 9.0) running standard CVS

  Repository in /cvsroot

  Module name in cvsroot: testCVS-SW

  There are 5 files checked into testCVS-SW:  file1.cpp, file2.cpp ...file5.cpp



  Windows XP Professional

  CVSNT version 2.0.58d


  Run following command at client:

  cvs checkout testCVS-SW


The directory testCVS-SW is created and file1.cpp, file2.cpp and file3.cpp are checked out but cvs appears to be hung after file3.cpp is checked out.  I break out of the program and run cvs again with the same command and then the remaining files are checked out.  I can delete testCVS-SW and run the sequence again and the same thing happens almost 100% of the time.  On a very rare occasion all 5 files will get checked out at one time.




Andy ...




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