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Re: cvs search engine

From: Petric Frank
Subject: Re: cvs search engine
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 11:28:29 +0100
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On Tuesday 21 December 2004 10:47, Riadh Elloumi wrote:
> Is there any seach engine for a cvsroot tree? I would like to google our
> archived documents like sources (C, Java, etc), docs (Microsoft Word,
> PDF), etc.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have only a workaround. If you're running on Linux i've coded a tool which 
allows to mount a CVS repository like a disk. It is named cvsfs-fuse and can 
be found at Actually it supports only pserver 
On this mounted system you may use any file based tool you want.

Hope that helps.


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