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Good Perl module for CVS

From: Andrew DeFaria
Subject: Good Perl module for CVS
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 18:48:15 GMT
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Hi. I'm a Clearcase admin who is in a new job that uses CVS exclusively. I want to do some reports and otherwise interrogate the CVS repositories and I was thinking of doing that with Perl. What's a good Perl module for CVS?

I've search CPAN and seems like the one to use, however certain links on that page seem dead (like the Cvs::Result::Log link which was the one I was particularly interested in). This leads me to fear that perhaps this module is not the best one to use and/or maybe this module is not being kept up to date.

My immediate task is to compare files that have different revisions/tags and report what the differences are in terms of "ECR"'s (sorta like bug numbers). This is not a simple cvs diff kinda thing. I believe that ECR numbers are kept in the check in comments and I need to traverse the version tree and pick them up. Again, I'm new to CVS so perhaps I'm not using the right terminology. Please forgive me.

So, for example, assume that foo.c has the following version tree:

            1.1 (ECR #1001)
            1.2 (ECR #1341)
             |                    |
            1.3 (ECR #1501) (ECR #1623)
             |                    |
            1.4 (ECR #1672) (ECR #1834)

My report comparing 1.4 and should yield ECR #'s 1834, 1623, 1501, 1672. From what I understand so far WRT CVS I need to parse the output of cvs log and build a tree annotated with ECR #'s, then traverse the path and pick off the ECR #'s. I planned on doing that in Perl and if there's a good module to assist me I'd like to start with that.

Thanks in advance.
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