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Re: Good Perl module for CVS

From: Andrew DeFaria
Subject: Re: Good Perl module for CVS
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 22:00:45 GMT
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Todd Denniston wrote:

I don't think you would call it a Perl module, and it may not do everything you need but cvs2cl should get you started along a good path.

among other things it can output to XML after it has reduced and collated the 'cvs log' output, so you might be able query the XML for building what you really want.

I have used it to get me information like what you are looking for, but if I had branches I had to do "hand parsing" afterwards to figure it out. My projects usually are not big enough to use branches (other than the users sandboxes) and so it fully fills my needs which are when in time di d a change take place, who did it, and what are the names of all files involved.

Not sure I really want to have XML output and have to learn all kinds of XML and XSLT stuff just to do things. Thanks for the pointer though...
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