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Problems with merge

From: Joao Ronaldo
Subject: Problems with merge
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:35:40 -0200


I think this is a little dummy question but I read the CVS manuals and
didn't find nothing that could help me on this.

- This is the scenarion:
I made a branch on a cvs file (on the 1.4 revision of index.html, for example). 
Then I work on this branch naturaly. Besides that, I don't create no
other revision on the main trunk. After all the necessary
modifications, I tried to merge the lastest file revision of the
branch with the lastest file revision of the main trunk (the 1.4
revision of index.html) to create the 1.5 revision of this file.

- This is the problem:
The problem is that this merge, in some cases, creates a conflict. 
I thought that it would not happen because the lastest revision file
of the branch is from the 1.4 revision that I want to merge with. So,
why the conflict is happening. There is anyway to ignore the conflict
and accept the changes added on the lastest revision of the branch?

João Ronaldo Del Ducca Cunha, Bsc.

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