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Re: issue 108

From: Aldo TENDRON
Subject: Re: issue 108
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 17:03:52 +0100

> You're confused -- "Result of merge" doesn't indicate that the file has
> conflicts, it just means that the file was modified by a merge.  It
> should stay in the Entries file until you commit the changes.

According to issue #107 and #108, cvs st returns "File had conflicts on
merge" in this case (on Windows):

- 'cvs up myfile' inserts conflicts markers in myfile
- 'cvs st myfile' returns "File had conflicts on merge"
- I resolve conflicts
- 'cvs st myfile' still returns "File had conflicts on merge"

if I delete "Result of merge" in Entries file, 'cvs st myfile' returns
"Locally modified".

It is confusing that 'cvs st' says "File had conflicts on merge" whereas
there is no conflict anymore. Removing "Result of merge" makes 'cvs st'
behave 'correctly', but I'm not sure this is side-effect free. Can I use
this trick ?

Aldo Tendron

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