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how to list files committed to a particular branch?

From: Tom Roche
Subject: how to list files committed to a particular branch?
Date: 24 Dec 2004 21:48:18 -0800
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How can I list the files have been committed to a particular branch?
Why I ask:

My workgroup's custom (and my boss' decree :-) is to work in HEAD
until a product release becomes imminent, at which point we branch to
work on that release. This works pretty well, except that, if one is
working in a branch, one must remember to "roll up" work into HEAD if
one wishes to (easily) in future use code committed to that branch.
E.g. my workgroup currently has the following active streams:


V6 contains work that went out with the last major release of our
product. V6001 contains work that will go out with the next minor
release ("fix pack") of our product. HEAD contains our "farthest out"
work, not yet assigned to any product version.

My problem:

Over the past month-or-so I have committed a bunch of code to V6001,
and I want to "roll it up" into HEAD. How to identify files committed
to V6001?

FWIW I know I can do

cvs -d:$MODE:$SERVER:$REPOSITORY history -c -D $DATE | \
awk '{ print $8 "/" $7 }' | sort | uniq

to get a list of files I have committed to $REPOSITORY since $DATE. I
can also see the version numbers with

cvs -d:$MODE:$SERVER:$REPOSITORY history -c -D $DATE | \
awk '{ print $8 "/" $7 " " $6 }'

but I don't know which numbers correspond to which branch (plus it
toasts 'uniq').

If possible please reply directly to me as well as to the newsgroup,
and TIA, Tom Roche <address@hidden>

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